Map with info about the admin admin creating the user, used in the new user notification code

Hello, when creating new users, I found a logic like this. I want to know its specific function. Would it be fatal if I deleted’Invitor’?

It would probably create errors for the other functions that use Invitor.
From what I know, this code is used, when sending invitation emails to new users.

Can you explain what this line of code @api/current-user is for or for?
I’m sorry to trouble you so much these days.

I really can’t read your images - find the file on Github and link to the line.

concrete content:
(api/defendpoint POST “/”
“Create a new User, return a 400 if the email address is already taken”
[:as {{:keys [first_name last_name email password group_ids login_attributes] :as body} :body}]
{first_name su/NonBlankString
last_name su/NonBlankString
email su/Email
group_ids (s/maybe [su/IntGreaterThanZero])
login_attributes (s/maybe user/LoginAttributes)}
(api/checkp (not (db/exists? User :email email))
“email” (tru “Email address already in use.”))
(let [new-user-id (u/get-id (user/create-and-invite-user!
(u/select-keys-when body
:non-nil [:first_name :last_name :email :password :login_attributes])
(maybe-set-user-permissions-groups! new-user-id group_ids)
(-> (fetch-user :id new-user-id)
(hydrate :group_ids)))))

I want to know the specific meaning of @api/current-user.

find the file on Github and link to the line

src/metabase/api/user.cljLine 104

This is a link:
You’re creating a new user, and then it’s sending the current user, since that’s used in the invitation email.