Map won't display values

I don’t understand why this query won’t display map values while the other below works great!

The table result from both query looks like the same thing.

Hi @kelsen.faria
The first query seems to create an empty cell in the UF column. Maybe that is triggering an error. Do you see errors in the browser console or Metabase log, when running the working query vs the non-working query?

Browser console show no errors and metabase log neither, but here is what I did:

  1. Filtered out empty UF cell and this didn’t resolved.
  2. I’ve deleted “Pedido de Venda” rows where UF is null, reloaded the query and it didn’t worked.
  3. Created the same question from the beggining and it did worked.

So it seems that empty cell were preventing map to work correctly although I don’t know if this is the expected behavior or metabase should’ve ignore that empty cell.

I was hasty, in fact the result was from the “Frete por UF” query and not from the “Pedido de Venda”, the problem persists and I did not find any errors in the browser console or the metabase log.

I made a new test by creating a new table where the aggregate field (“UF”) belongs to the same table of the computed value (as in the “Frete” example) and the map worked normally.
It seems to me that when the aggregate field is a field from another table, as in this case, the map does not work.

I filed in a new bug issue at