Maps are not working, can´t choose map in query

Hi, I use metabase in version 0.31.2. with mySQL as well as Postgres database and try to show data on a map. But when I choose map I get this info:
But nothing happens when I click on "Edit Settings" ...
Is that a known bug?
Or does anyone has an idea how to do this?
I have a custom map in my settings.

Thanks for any help,

Have you tried to click on the gear icon, on left side?
I’ve stumbled across that problem in some context (not sure what, though), but, usually, the gear does the job for me.

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Hi @EvaS
Think you’re seeing this issue:

Hi @flamber, thanks! I don´t think its the same issue though, as I don´t try to use custom SQL but the query builder … :frowning:

@lucas.lima you are a star! that works, thanks a lot!

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Check you browser console for any errors - I’m pretty sure you’re seeing:
TypeError: Cannot read property 'map' of undefined
I don’t think the issue I linked is only for SQL - but I just haven’t seen the steps-to-reproduce for QB.