Mass archive unused questions


I'm wondering whether it is possible to mass archive not active questions. I noticed there is a filed called 'IS_ARCHIVED' in Metabase metadata database under the table with questions. I wonder whether it is possbile to setup a script that will check whether a question was viewed at least once during last 3 months - if not then change the value of 'IS_ARCHIVED' field to 'TRUE'. Is anybody tried to execute 'update' commands against Metabase database?

In earlier versions, I had a SQL script that set all tables to hidden. No difference to what you're trying to do.
Not sure what happens in the dashboards that featured your now disabled questions. I don't know if there's some internal process that removes them when they're archived.
Easy enough to test and should just be a case of doing a 2nd update on the dashboards to remove the unwanted.
That said,the supported way would be to use the API.

Thank you.
But if I use an open-source version then there is no way to write back to Metabase DB, right?

If you're hosting yourself, you can do what you want. It's the cloud version where you have no access.