Metabase 0.24 just released

We’re super excited to announce the release of Metabase 0.24, with these new features:

  • Actions and drill-through, which let you easily and naturally explore and move through your dashboards, charts, and tables
  • Caching!
  • Presto support (thanks to William Turner)
  • A new dashboard list page, with favoriting and archiving

Read more here:

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Hi @maz, I’ve just updated to 0.24 and I’ve noticed that I can’t download my queries in CSV anymore.
The previous downwards arrow has been changed and now is a table icon that is not clickable.
Is this an issue or am I missing something?
Thanks and btw great work on the new release, especially the drill down functionality!

Hmm, that table with the row count should be next to the download arrow rather than replacing it. Have you looked at other questions? I’m not seeing this behavior.

Glad you’re enjoying drill-through!

I’ve checked and the download icon is missing only in the SQL handwritten questions, whereas in the editor created ones it’s still in place. Maybe this might be a clue?

So it looks like another user found this problem and reported it here:

It has to do with SQL queries using optional parameters that don't have values given to them. We'll look into this and try to come up with a fix shortly. Sorry for the trouble!

@maz any news on the fix? We need to download some CSV asap because we’re due a delivery. Thanks

Marco, There is a workaround to this, just fill every parameter(variable) that is needed in the query, (even the optional ones).

You’ll probably need to modify the variables in the query to be able to see them and select something in them.
(Now you can assign an specific field and a widget per variable):

This was fixed and merged into the release-0.24.2 branch a few days ago. I don’t have a timeline on when to expect 0.24.2 to be released, so until then you can do what @Ender mentioned. Sorry about the inconvenience!

@Ender thanks for the workaround!
@maz hopefully it won’t be long, thanks for the help