Metabase 0.32 - RC1 is out

The latest test-iteration of Metabase (Metabase 0.32 - RC1) is out and I’m especially excited about the proposed Module drivers ability (GitHub pull request #9087) which sounds like there’s a new Metabase drivers (plugins) “store” or “market” on the horizon… There are so many talented Metabase programmers and developers out there who surely could provide unique and imaginative add-ons to an already phenomenal open source BI tool!

That said, there are several basics that would (in my opinion) make Metabase ever so much more user-friendly per the referenced GitHub Issues & Pulls below often mentioned under diverse subject lines in this Discussion Forum:

Filters-101filter fundamentals

  1. fuzzy-search widgets:
  1. filter-member custom ordering on a secondary field:
  1. dependent/cascading filters:

Customization made simpletake the coding burden off of Metabase and put it in the hands of developer admins

  1. customizable binning:
  1. hex/hash color formatting on a secondary field:

Maps & Securitymap & security MUST-haves

  1. custom geojson embed maps:
  1. improved embed security:

Upvote GitHub posts and Discussion threads like these to let the Metabase team know what is important to you in future releases for an even more phenomenal BI tool!