Metabase build

I want to compile the source code for Metabase, what should I do? When I use the command “./bin/build”, it says:

Is there an improvement to the front-end and back-end separation in this version?

Hi @cecile
Yes, the build scripts has been changed to Clojure:

Is it impossible to webpack a JAR now including front-end and back-end?

@cecile I don’t understand. The build scripts are the same we’re using for releases. You need to install Clojure, since the scripts are now written in that language.

Clojure dependencies are already included in the project configuration file “project.clj”. In addition to installing lein, Clojure is also need to be installed?

@cecile I think you’re misunderstanding. Now the actual build-scripts (not just the backend of Metabase) are also written in Clojure, so you need Clojure installed to run the scripts, since it’s not bash.
Follow what the build error message says.

@flamber OK, I understand you. Thank you for taking the time to solve my problem. It just feels like the compilation process is more elaborate and lengthy.