Metabase 31.0 Filtering Not Available

Hi All, version 31 is great and has many very useful features. However it seems like one helpful shortcut is missing.

The filter selection on cells is not available. It works fine in 30.4 however it is missing in 31.0:

^ This is from 30.4, in 31.0 this option does not show up at all.

Am I missing something or was this feature removed?


Hmm, it seems to be working for me. Are you looking at a SQL query’s results (in which case this is not expected to work), a raw table in the graphical query builder, or something else? What is the metadata type for that column set to in the Data Model section of the Admin Panel?

This is used for a query on a question. The filter is for a timestamp.

It works fine for the same query in previous versions.

I’ve experienced the exact same problem. It happened somewhere between 0.30.4 and 0.31-RC1.

I opened an issue on it. I’m sure if you check your logs the console will show the same error. It’s happening still in master.

Notes this is just from saved questions that I could see. Actual tables work fine. Maybe some of the MBQL changes broke it?