Metabase and SQLite connection

Hello everyone,

I'm having trouble connecting my SQLite DB to Metabase!

This must be a remote connection and only using SQLite DB. I have tried using a web type of connection and now I'm trying with Samba (smb). Can anyone help me out? I would be very grateful!
Can something like this work? => smb://IP/my_db.sqlite

Troubleshooting info?

Are you talking about the logs?

LOG: message "smb:/IP/my_db.sqlite (No such file or directory)"

I have installed a vsftpd server as well, trying to connect using FTP

Path => ftp://user:pass@IP/my_db.sqlite
LOG:{:message "path to ' ftp://user:pass@IP/my_db.sqlite': '/ftp:' does not exist"}
On the vsftpd server side the login is OK but fails to download:
FAIL DOWNLOAD: Client "IP", "/home/demo/my_db.sqlite", 212464 bytes, 68748.96Kbyte/sec

Settings->admin-> troubleshooting info, we need to know that info and also get a screenshot of the connection page to see how are you trying to connect to the SQLite db