Metabase app got freezed

We had an error in the server and the ram was full so metabase shutted down, we tried to restart it and it start, the problem is when we try to access something related to the data, the browser freezes and the process stop doing things, and the only way to really kill it is killing the process itself. Here is the response of metabase .

We are using H2 as database.

We already tried:

  • Pass that database to mysql using metabase, it fails telling us that the file doesnt exists…
  • Open the .db file in sqllite, is empty
  • Repair the .db file using java -cp ${PATH_TO_H2_LIB}/h2*.jar

Does someone know anything else we can test?

Yep, a few problems were fixed since v0.30.0 which your pastebin dump tells me you’re running on. So I’d recommend v0.30.3 or verrrry sooon-ish even 0.30.4.

What’s probably playing a trick with you regarding the H2 file is that it’s not a SQLite file (so open it with H2 :smile:) and also that several people falsely assume that thay should give the full filename. You should only give the databasename path/metabase.db Do not include .mv.db (so check the correct syntax in the Operations Guide) or search this years #faq category marked posts here on Discourse.

Let us know if that helps!