Metabase as an active CRM tool?


We initially started using Metabase as an analytics tools and connected it to our data warehouse.
However, as time evolved we also started using it for CRM related queries, and allowed our support personnel to use it to query the production database in order to be able to investigate user reports and answer their question.
In some cases, we would also like them to be able to modify the database.

In theory, we could set up parametrized SQL queries that perform UPDATEs instead of SELECTs. The problem is that every “refresh” action would perform this update, and its not always user initiated (For example, entering the question’s URL).

Is this something that can be done with metabase? Is this something that is planned to be added later? Are there similar infrastructures that easily allow wrapping parametrized SQLs to non-technical personnel via a web interface?