Metabase AWS change integrity from green to red

I’m using this zip from the metabase, and get it to run normally, a few more hours later it stops running, when I try to rebuild it back to work, but hours later I fell, someone has already faced this problem, if so, I wonder how it solved. Basically, the health status turns green for a few hours and then turns red again.Every help is welcome.

Hi @luizfelipefoitop
That latest version is 0.32.8, so I would recommend that.
Do you see anything in the EB log, which could hint the reason for the crash?

Thank you for responding. No type of error appears in the log.

So is Metabase crashed, when integrity status turns red? And there’s nothing in the logs about this? Could it be that people are exporting large amount of data, when it crashes (there should be a debug log about anything going on)?

It gets red status, apparently for no reason, there is no large data load handling

Well, if the EB log doesn’t even tell you why the status has changed, then you should probably try contacting AWS support.