Metabase Bigquery Setup Error


So I was trying to plug in bigquery to metabase, but I hit some errors. /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.8.0-openjdk-

Followed by:

Could not initialize class

I tried doing some googling, but I couldn’t find any info pertaining to this issue. Any help getting this set up would be greatly appreciated.

This happened on the web client version 0.33.3. For what it’s worth, I tried installing the mac client version 0.33.3 and was able to hook-up bigquery without issue.

Hi @csaroff
Something is wrong with your Java - try AdoptOpenJDK 11 instead:
The reason why the Mac App works, but the custom JAR install doesn’t is that it uses different versions of Java.
Latest release is 0.36.4

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@flamber Thanks, we’ll give it a try!

Upgraded to the latest version of metabase and java and it’s working now. Thanks for the help!