Metabase Cards

I would like to have a Metabase card that displays drill down functionalities.
Sample use case: I would like to see how many user leases have been signed at a daily, weekly and monthly level.
I would like to see that information organized in a roll up fashion.
At the top level a display of all such leases at a monthly level. If you click on a month it will show how many users leases signed per week.
If you click on a particular week it will show many user leases signed per day.
How can I accomplish this ?

Metabase has this functionality built-in when it comes to aggregations that are grouped by dates/time. Just click on a bar/point on your chart and select the “zoom in” action, like this:


Are you trying to create rollups like this for things other than time?


Thanks Maz for this. This is helpful. I would need to structure my query to create a view that I can then expose via metabase and achieve the above effect.