Metabase-deploy getting a bit out of date

I don’t mean to be a nag. I run metabase on Heroku. The metabase-deploy repo is currently on 0.27.2, while the fresh Heroku install package is 0.28.1. There are a few fixes that I’d love to get deployed. I don’t know how involved the process is for getting updates into metabase-deploy, can somebody fill me in? I know it’s easy for me to say “let’s get the repo updated” and it might be a bit more arduous to actually do it…

IMO You’re not a nag - you’re just surfacing information! :smile:

I’m not using Heroku - so can’t be of much help here, apart from I noted this related GitHub issue:
Edit: Ah, also mentioned in this 4 day old topic: When updating Metabase on Heroku, getting version 0.27.1 instead of 0.28.1