Metabase Driver for CubeJS - Distinct/GroupBy

First thanks for people form lili-data for Metabase Driver implementation for CubeJS. here

Background: CubeJS is a tool able to connect to many databases and transform it to REST api style datasource for visualisation. Read more in documentation. I like it because CubeJS very simple to start, configure without huge technologies.

After testing I recognize some GUI components are not working in Metabase (group by, distinct) One side I understand this is against datacube concept, but in other hand cube-js is technology producing nice pre aggregated data but still can be grouped in client tool depends on business requirement

The question is: if the driver serve data properly by rest API can metabase make aggregation like group by distinct ? on Driver level ?

wdyt, any idea ?

Hi Norbert,

I’m not too familiar with CubeJS or the specific driver, but as long as the driver supports it, any standard Metabase functionality should work. Based on the screenshots in the CubeJS driver GitHub repository, it looks like it may be primarily geared towards supporting native queries, but I would ask the folks that wrote the driver - they’ll have more details on what functionality has been implemented.


Hi Damon,

i’m in contact with people form Lili. However their requirement is mainly create charts and dashboards, but probably we would like create cube with low granularity i mean driver should support cubes sum/distincts etc.

I love cubejs, this is a really cool, simple - well documented tool, I would like to get answer from metabase, is it possible make calculations in driver level. Cubejs has simple REST api so can’t make directly e.g Distinct.

would be helpful find the right person who can help answer probably improve this awesome driver.