Metabase embeded on Angular 7+

How do I embed the Metabase dashboard into a angular component?

Maybe you could try to use the NODE.js options as a guide. This after allow embendding

Let me know it helped.

I alredy tried that, but there is a problem with the jsonwebtoken npm.
The problem is when I install the jsonwebtoken dependences, it removes other important dependences and if I run npm install the problem won’t be solved.
So I want to know if anyone have done the embed of the metabase on his angular 7+ project and how did they do it.

I solved that error thanks.

Can you share how you did this, it’s something I am trying to do as well.

as @luis.chuen pointed out, we can't use jsonwebtoken library on Angular 6+. So you got to use library like jsrsasign which work at browser to have JWT sign working properly.

And please take note that the metabase secret which is hex string shall not be unhex during the process, you have to use it as rstr.