Metabase Enterprise - Do deactivated users count as a seat?


We have an Enterprise license and want to be prudent about our seat usage. Therefore we want to get rid of users that have not logged in for a certain amount of time. I see we have the option of deactivating users or deleting them. Do deactivated users count towards the number of seats under our Enterprise license?

Furthermore, if we deleted a user, does re-registering the user later with the same email/SSO integration give them access to everything they used to have access to before their account was deleted?

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Hi @muscovitebob

You should contact support via email, since Enterprise comes with contracts, so each license can be different.

If you pay per user count, then only active users are counted, meaning users that are not disabled in Admin > People.

You cannot delete users, you can deactivate then, so activating them again will make them have access to everything they had before.

For reference:

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