Metabase experts needed

We are trying to get into metabase zone after trying a couple of high rating BI tools.

We are looking for a couple of experts who can teach our team and then perhaps get involved in more BI projects that we have.

We are a company in Berlin, Germany with good connection to BI community and we are interested to eventually add our ideas/contribute to metabase.

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Hi Sashaf,

I can provide what you are looking for.
I am a freelancer working in the field, having provided Metabase installations, data loading systems (etl), training and consulting for teams here Berlin.
I am active part in the Berlin Ruby and Elixir community, regularly providing educational talks.

Here is a sneak peek to my training material:

You can reach me at +491766434801 or write me an E-Mail to
L dot rieder at gmail dot com

I am looking forward to hear from you.

Kind regards,


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