Metabase Filter Box disappears when I try to select the Field Filter

Hi All,
I am trying to add Field filter. Whenever I try to select the field to be set as filter, the filter box disappears.
Can someone help me please?

  1. The filter is available when I set it in the code
  2. Choosing field filter option
  3. After selecting the field filter the Filter box disappears.

Hi @Nishya
Yes, because you haven’t selected which column the Field Filter should be connected on.
Please read this:

After selecting it is always Filter Widget Type None.
I already had six other filters is the same question which are all Field filter and works fine. I wanted to add 7th filter and it is not happening. Also when I delete the existing filters and create again I am getting the same error of Field Widget Type None.

Make sure that residence_city is one of the following Field Type in the Data Model:

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Perfect. Works fine after changing the Field type.
Thanks for the help :+1: