Metabase Full Embed

I know that with Metabase I can embed dashboards and questions with embed functionality.

But I need all the functionality of the metabase to be present within my application. My user will need to create new questions and mount new dashboards.

The simple way to do this is to place the metabase parent link in iframe in my application.

I did this, I needed to change the source code to allow access via iframe.

My problem is that Metabase should already open authenticated. The user has already authenticated in my application, it does not make sense for him to have to authenticate again.

I need a way to automatically authenticate in Metabase, so when it is embedded via iframe, authentication has already been done.

Has anyone done anything similar?

Came across this response to a post some time ago that might address your question:

How did you integrate all the functionality of the metabase to your application ?

@Nour Have a look here:

I want to integrate the whole Metabase (code version) to my application

@Nour Okay, then you just add it into your Clojure app. If your app is not written in Clojure, then you'll have to figure a different way of embedding, but that depends on your app.