Metabase gets reset on page reload and redirects to setup page

Metabase provides an option on the website to use the elastic bean stalk deployment on AWS. It starts to show the setup screen on page reload sometimes and everything vanishes. It has happened twice and does not happens fine. What is the root cause?

@Anum please post the diagnostic info so we can see basic info of how metabase has been installed. Thanks

@Luiggi Please have a look. It's been twice that it got reset. The first time it got fixed automatically and the second time, it is not fixing automatically. Why did it happen? and How do you suggest to fix it?

@Anum you will have to tell elastic beanstalk to pull the logs from your instance to cloudwatch. It's impossible to tell what's going on with just this screenshot unfortunately

@Luiggi - I have the same problem or at least very similar. Basically, I launched metabase in beanstalk. It took me to through the setup: I entered db info, set everything up, added users, etc. But when I leave and go back it takes me back through the setup page again. All my users are lost - it's as if I never set it up to begin with. I'm not much of a sys admin, but what troubleshooting info do you need and where can I get it for you?

@jefferson_jaco, please post here the diagnostic info you get from Admin->settings-> troubleshooting info