Metabase in production

Hi Folks,

Just started using metabase in production to analyze logs of a website that handles around 1M events/day.

We use redshift on the backend.

Some issues/suggestions:
Hi Folks,

  • By default limit the number of rows to something reasonable like 100. I ran into an issue where the browser would freeze because there were too many rows fetched.
  • We ended just using the SQL query editor, it was much easier than trying to use the UI. The UI is confusing, but we’ll need to use it in the future to let casual users create report.
  • Need to plug in text in Pulses:
  • Why is there a limit of 10 rows in a pulse? Really need to have that increased to at least 50 or 100.
  • Would be nice to have more charts supported in a pulse. Maybe just convert the page to an image :slight_smile:
  • Need support for more charts. Probably not everything on but a few more ways to show multi-dimensional data would be nice.

Overall, we’re quite happy with Metabase.


How many columns are in your table?

Regarding the query builder, can you elaborate a bit on what you find confusing?

Who is getting the pulses you’re thinking of creating?

  • About 20 columns in the table.
  • Confusing to figure out which fields to display
  • The pulses are going to the internal team to show the stats for the week.