Metabase is unable to start warehouse of Snowflake

HI Team,

I recently migrated my metabase from H2 to postgres, and every thing looks good. however, when i try to execute question in the metabase, it is not starting the warehouse of our connected DB which is SnowFlake and hence getting authentication Error. The only temporary solution i have is to login into metabase admin and save the Database connection, after which every thing is fine (every morning).
This was not the case prior to Migration.

Please note:
After the Migration I have changed the warehouse which I used to use before.

Please suggest

Hi @devD
Which version of Metabase?
Did you also upgrade, when you did the migration?
Do you see anything in the logs, which could help with finding the cause?
It shouldn’t be related to which internal backend database you’re using. Can you try switching back to the H2, just to see if that makes a difference?

Hello @flamber

The metabase version i am using is 32.1
No i did not upgrade while migrating and have not upgrade after that.

Below is the log snippet.
Message: Authentication token has expired. The user must authenticate again.
SQLState: XX000
Error Code: 390114
04-07 18:00:04 ERROR sql-jdbc.execute :: nil
04-07 18:00:04 WARN metabase.query-processor :: {:status :failed,
:class java.lang.Exception,
:error “Authentication token has expired. The user must authenticate again.”,

moving the data from h2 to postgres was time consuming itself, however if i must then I can try to migrate back but it would take time, meanwhile do you think the above error log gives any hints of the error.

and thanks for your help.

Okay, it’s a bug, which is fixed in 0.32.3 - which is probably released today or tomorrow:

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And my apologies, my database is running on 0.32.0 (same as before and after migration)
And i ran my metabase back in H2 database, and did not get the error.( which is again 0.32.0)