Metabase isn't working

Why isn't Metabase working?
What is the issue?

Hi @ritesh
Since you are providing absolutely no information, then it's impossible to help you.
Check your server logs.

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Let me know please what all information you need to come to a conclusion.

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@ritesh This is like writing to Microsoft: "My Windows computer doesn't work. What's the problem?"
How should anyone be able to help you?

You need to provide information about your Metabase setup. How you are running Metabase, which version of Metabase, etc.
You need to provide server logs.

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Where can I find the server logs?

Also, I would like to mention that I am using the Metabase version v1.43.1. The setup is like this for us. Metabase is integrated with Redshift database.
The issue that we are facing currently is that none of the tables are reflecting when I try open them. The screen keeps loading for infinite time. Please help.

@ritesh I have absolutely no idea where you are hosting Metabase. You are providing too little information to be able to help you. Contact the person who setup Metabase for you.

@flamber will it be possible for you connect over a GMEET call? Thanks for your help so far

@ritesh No. If you are using the Metabase Cloud or Pro/Enterprise edition (with a valid license), then contact support via email. If you are using the open source edition of Metabase, then you need to contact whoever setup Metabase for you.

Thanks @flamber