Metabase .jar in production mode


Thanks for a wonderful product and that too making it open source.

How to use metbase.jar file in production ?

What i did ?
Environment : Ubuntu Bionic 18.04 LTS OS
Metabase version : v0.31.2

I integrated metabase with ERPNext ( Open Source ERP) with the help of the post
ERPNext uses nginx server.

After successful integration the dashboard goes down anytime and shows the below message

To resolve the above issue , every time i need to launch metabase .jar file through the command as below,

java -jar metabase.jar

is it possible to keep it ON for production use ?

Am i missing something on installation part ?

Highly appreciate your guidance.


You need to start the Metabase jar as a service. This will help:

Make sure you use a ‘proper’ database for the internal stuff, not just the H2 stuff from the default install. You’ll be grateful when you have a problem and can restore!

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Thanks for the proper guidance.

You mean to say , i should be using any other ‘proper’ more reliable database instead of default H2 for Metabase Internal stuff , right ?

That’s correct.


nohup java - jar metabase.jar &

The above command launches metabase as a service and should solve the problem of ending session

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you mean to say to use the command in the metabase script provided in the above link “Running Metabase on Debian” ?

Just follow the tutorial, it will setup everything as a service, so you can start/restart/stop Metabase correctly. And it will start with the server (after a restart), send the logs to where you want them. And run as an unprivileged user for security.
Or you could use the Docker image, if you’re more familiar with that.

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Execute it on Terminal for running Metabase as a Service and session of the Terminal can be closed, but metabase keeps running. I follow the same on my Centos.