Metabase LinkedIn Group

This is a bit of a test to see if the demand exists. I’ve created a LinkedIn Group for general discussion and networking for Metabase users. Idea is to have an area for discussion without cluttering up the support forums. I’ll also be adding some useful links back to the forum (the forum’s great, but finding old posts and FAQs is hard work).
All welcome to join and say hello here:

Just a little bump. Two members so far. Need quite a few more for it to be worth running.

Another shameless bump. Would be nice to get a few more members (or a mention from Metabase themselves)

Hi @AndrewMBaines
Great initiative! Though I would say that the forums are for general Metabase-related discussion too, not just support.
Too bad that it requires an account to even see the content. I don’t use any social media.
Let’s try to ping @maz

Apologies to those waiting to join. Looks like LinkedIn is having problems - whenever I go to the waiting to join section, I see a count of users, but the list is empty.