Metabase load issue

Does metabase store the results of the sql query locally on the server, prior to flashing the charts in the cards on the dashboard? Right now , I just need to run one sqll (Sql Server) query and have about 30 charts be populated, when I look at the logs, I find that each time same sql query is run 30 times(once for each chart). Is it possible to temporarily store the data in file and then use that to populate data for 30 different charts, instead of running the query 30 times. Something like how qlikview works which would make it much faster to respond to filter selections.

Hi @rojoe_joseph
Which version of Metabase?
You can enable caching:

It doesn’t work like QlikView. It’s caching, not doing the whole ETL thing. If you want the speed of QV, you need to use it with a clever database - even MS SQL with columnstore indexes would do the trick. Alternatively, indexed views would work.

Personally, I prefer to separate ETL and presentation layers, but QV, PowerBI etc disagree.