Metabase on Mac

Hi guys, I hope you can help me.
I had problems accessing the boards from a macbook, it allows me to access via login and navigate, but selecting the dashboard does not open it correctly and does not expose the error.
Anyone know if there are anomalies with ios?

Hi @sys2020
Which version of Metabase?
And what do you mean with “ios” - that’s the mobile OS - I guess you meant OS X?
Are you using the Mac App, or how are you running Metabase?

it’s correct, I mean OS X
Metabase runs on ec2 linux, I realized this by assigning an account to a user with Mac
I have version 0.32.9

Okay, a couple of things. If you’re running Metabase on EC2, then you’re just accessing the Metabase interface via a browser (on whatever computer you’re using).
Update to 0.32.10 - you’re most likely seeing the error Minified React error #143, if you looked in your browser console, which has been fixed.

Hi, I’m reviewing and the error is not because os x, I realize that only admin users can see the boards created by admin, I made tests, a normal user created his board and everyone can see it, but those created by admin can not are accessible to “all users”

Okay, then it sounds like a permission issue - probably for the collection, where the dashboards are located. You can modify your permissions under Admin > Permissions > Collections.