Metabase on MacOS fails to start

I’ve been using metabase for a while on MacOS (v10.13.5) with no issues. I installed Metabase to a new MBP and it just hangs on the splash screen when staring. This occurs ever after uninstalling and reinstalling.

Has anyone seen this before?
Can anyone point me in the direction of log files, etc that I can use to debug, etc?


Logs should be in this menu shown here:

Thank you for that!

The log is interesting, it shows that there was a 2hr gap from startup until the URL was available:

Log Snippet

Jun 07 17:26:51 INFO metabase.core :: Starting Metabase version v0.29.3 (0de4585 release-0.29.3)
Jun 07 17:26:53 INFO metabase.core :: Please use the following url to setup your Metabase installation:


Jun 07 17:26:53 INFO metabase.core :: Metabase Initialization COMPLETE
Jun 07 19:34:15 INFO metabase.middleware :: Setting Metabase site URL to localhost:13640

Everything is currently, up and running.

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