Metabase question and collection is not shown but all data on postgres database (like query,query_execution etc table) how to restore it?

We are running metabase on ubuntu server on azure. Metabase version 0.41.1
we use postgres for metabase. In that database we have all data in collection and dashboard. we also have huge data on query_execution, query and query_cache table. our ware house db also postgress which was down for 4 days. after restoring the dwh db we did not find any query on our metabase, but all dashboard are present. how can we restore the dash board. when we go the the dashboard then we ge " This dashboard is looking empty." but our all dashboard have query. please help me to get this data. we found lots of data on SELECT * FROM report_card WHERE archived = false;
table on metabase postres sql.
postgres 12
we use jar file for installation.
openjdk version "11.0.22"

The cards themselves are in "report_card" but the table that identifies which cards are displayed on which dashboards is "report_dashboardcard".

Do you have records in that table?