Metabase question delay

When I used metabase before, when I was getting the answer via POST protocol, it used to work much faster.
Now after some updated early last week/a week before, I am receiving first a promt with play button, that I need to click (on a screen with metabase) and then again i am waiting for the response.
The problem is - I am using an APP that gets the data via API and it doesn't work if it doesn't take data properly the first time.
Is there a way to make metabase answer in one querry and do it faster like it used to?

I really don’t know what “fast as before” means. Can you show any difference? Performance metrics?

Before it was done within 3-4 seconds.
Now it is done in over21 seconds (correcting myself from before), but what is problematic, before the question gets answered the page sort of generates some data in the background and brings the play button in front of the blurred data. (the data we seek is always max 2 records, so this is not it). And then I need to press it again to get the results.

It creates a problem - as I am using this report via API, so it gets querried once and cannot be refrshed.
The problem is not only the length but the fact it doesnt work again when I paste the link to report with parameters passed in URL. Maybe that is the problem - maybe they changed that?

Is there any way you can send videos here so we know what to look for?