Metabase: RAM Usage

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I started testing with Metabase on my workstation that has 16GBRAM, but when Metabase starts up, the amount of memory allocated to it is no more than 247MB. How to start Metabase with the maximum available RAM?
The version I use is v0.33.5.
I start Metabase like this: java -jar metabase.jar

Hi @Lourival
It doesn’t make any sense to have a program allocate more RAM than it needs. That’s waste.
Metabase is not a database, so it will not benefit from having everything in-memory.

And you need to leave RAM available for the rest of workstation (the OS and other applications).

But if you want to do that, then you can tell Metabase (or rather Java) to start with 10GB allocation and max at 12GB by adding this:
java -Xms10g -Xmx12g -jar metabase.jar

Read more about Java memory allocation:

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