Metabase: Segregated environments

Guys, good afternoon!
We will finally use Metabase in Production.
Here at the company, we use the segregated environments: Development, Approval and Production.
How can I transfer the objects created in the Development Metabase to the other Homologation and Production environments?

The Enterprise edition allows you to copy stuff across, but still not great as I think it’s all or nothing. This area is a real weakness for Metabase.
I ended up just going down 2 routes: for major changes, I’d copy the production database to dev, then change the database connections.
Reverse to publish to live (you need a little downtime).
For minor changes I create a new question in live, then replace the questions on the dashboards. Only works if you don’t use questions in isolation (the id of the question will be different).

I’ve looked at doing something more clever with copying objects between databases, but each table and field has an id that can’t be copied without clashes.

The real solution would be for metabase to extend the database schema to include a GUID or similar for every item.

Hello @AndrewMBaines,

Thanks for answering. Due to the fact that Metabase does not yet offer a module that allows transferring questions and / or dashboards among other instances of the environment (Development, Approval and Production) of it, we talked here and we will adopt the following strategy: Work with only one environment that will be Production, and control access to objects by groups of users. We will centralize all tasks and connection to the database, data model and etc. in just one person, so we don’t lose control. If you have any other suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.