Metabase setup stops at "Running all necessary data migrations, this may take a minute."

Planing to switch from running metabase EC2 to a cluster (FARGATE).
Backend is RDS PostgreSQL, tried 12,11 and now 9.6.15 (initially thought the problem is with the engine).
Everything works well until step “Running all necessary data migrations, this may take a minute.”
I saw tables created inside the RDS PostgreSQL instance.
Any idea why would this happen?
Version used is: dkr, metabase-enterprise:v1.35.4.1

Hi @mariusconst
Please use the support email, when using the Enterprise Edition.
Could it be problems with privileges on the RDS? Can you check the logs there.
Otherwise try rebooting the RDS, since it might be a problem in that end.

Sure, I can do that - please kindly remind me the support email for Enterprise Edition.

@mariusconst support at metabase com

I am facing the same issue but for the free opensource edition. I have raised a ticket here for the same detailing the issue

@flamber Is this happening because of these warnings

2020-12-09 18:02:56

2020-12-09 18:02:56,566 INFO metabase.util :: Maximum memory available to JVM: 1.0 GB

2020-12-09 18:02:53

WARNING: sun.reflect.Reflection.getCallerClass is not supported. This will impact performance.

2020-12-09 18:02:53

Warning: environ value jdk-11.0.7+10 for key :java-version has been overwritten with 11.0.7