Metabase to Presto security access

We have hadoop cluster with strong security rules. Presto have connectin to Hive with impersonation.
We've created Metabase + Presto data source for group of users with diff permissions at Hadoop cluster.
But Matabase didn't have impersonation and all of this users can read all data allowed for this data source. It's not secure. ​
Are you planning to add impersonation feature or may be we can use some othen features to realize secure data access from metabase to hadoop througt presto?

Hi @Oksana

We already have "impersonation" integrated as Sandboxing in the Enterprise Edition, which is available for all SQL-based databases:

There's a specific request for specific Presto impersonation, but it gets implemented, then it will be part of the Enterprise Edition: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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