Metabase with CPanel

I am having challenges connecting metabase hosted on heroku with cpanel hosting.
I am having a server connection error.

Kindly guide

Hi @abdalla
Without more information, it’s really difficult to help.
What is the error?
And what do you mean by connecting Metabase on Heroku with cPanel - what type of connection is that?

I am using MySQL Remote host with, with the server’s shared ip as my host.
I’ve given access to remote connections via the cpanel using the wildcard.
So after I click “save” on the Heroku’s metabase app, I encounter the error with the message “Timed out after 5,000 milliseconds.”

Okay, so Metabase is running on Heroku and you are trying to connect to a datasource (Admin > Databases), which is hosted on a shared server running cPanel?
Something is blocking the connection, which is why you’re seeing that error.
Either it’s not the correct information (address:port) or a firewall is blocking or MySQL is not available externally.
You need to check your MySQL/cPanel setup, and verify that you can connect to the address:port