Metabase with Firebird Windows

Guys, I’m using version v0.31.0-RC1 on Windows, I’m not able to add the Firebird database, I already created the plugins folder and added the Firebird .jar and it doesn’t appear for connection, can anyone help?

Hi @gprilopes
Metabase does not support third-party drivers until 0.32.0 - and the driver version has to match the Metabase version.

Friend, I did not find the .jar version 0.32, I already looked in several places, do you have this file?

@gprilopes Replace the version number with the one you are looking for:
Since you are using this driver, then version 1.2.1 of the driver should be compatible with Metabase 0.34.3

I managed to install and Firebird appeared, however, it doesn’t connect to the database, is there any other parameter?

@gprilopes It looks like it’s having problems with locating the file, but I don’t know how Firebird works, so you might find better help in the repo:

Refer to Firebird Metabase connection on Windows - Metabase Discussion