Metabase with https on localhost


I have a wordpress site where I would like to embed metabase charts on my pages.

My site running under https, I followed the instructions here (under Using HTTPS with Metabase section):

The problem is:

  • when I try to show my metabase question with iframe on a WP page, it doesn’t render
  • if I open the iframe url in a new tab I can see the metabase chart - only if I use http instead of https in the url
  • I’m sure there is something with my keystore.jks file

Many thanks,

I know I had a couple issues to work through to get SSL working with Metabase, are you running the .jar version?

For the .jar version on linux I created a small bash script that before calling metabase.jar set some of the JETTY ENV variables. This can be done other ways, this was just easiest because I had to pass some flags to the metabase,jar anyways.

Like so:
export MB_JETTY_SSL=“true”
export MB_JETTY_SSL_Port=“443”
export MB_JETTY_SSL_Keystore="/path/to/keystore.jks"
export MB_JETTY_SSL_Keystore_Password=“password”

As well make sure you can see your cert in the keystore after importing.


Would you mind sharing an example of what your Metabase embed code looks like and where it is applied when embedding into a WordPress page? The jwt related code in particular, does that go into a existing php file? References to any resources on the topic would also be appreciated. Thanks!

Metabase: 0.28.1
Environment: Localhost:3000
Databases: MsSQL
OS: Vista SP2
Browser: Firefox 52.7.3