Migrate from self-hosted open source to self-hosted pro elastic beanstalk

We have an open source self-hosted instance on elasticbeanstalk, we were previously using the embedding license for $300 but have recently purchased a Pro license for self-hosted. Please can you direct me to the instructions for upgrading the existing instance to pro? or would I have to spin up an entirely new instance for enterprise version? Our application database is decoupled from the beanstalk environment, so can I just point the new environment to the existing application database?

Hi @ChristineChetty
Make sure you have backups of the application database before doing anything.
You can setup a new instance if you think it makes it easier to handle the upgrade (and a possible revert if you encounter problems).

The EB script for the Pro/Enterprise is this (replace the version if needed)
Otherwise you follow the same procedure as the regular open source edition:

Please use the support email in the future, when using the Pro/Enterprise edition.

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