Migration to MySql from H2


  • I have installed a new Metabase version (the last one) to a new Debian Server copying metabase.jar …executing it …That’s all ok … works and I installed it.

  • After that I wanted to change h2 db to mysql db

  • i did as in documentation, created a MySql DB named let say metabase with user/pwd with full access

  • add environment variable
    export MB_DB_TYPE=mysql
    export MB_DB_DBNAME=metabase
    export MB_DB_PORT=3306
    export MB_DB_USER=user
    export MB_DB_PASS=password
    export MB_DB_HOST=localhost (as it is in the same server)

restared mwith java -jar metabase.jar

Hi @mirco_cervi
What is “the last one”?
Which version of MySQL?
Check the log for errors from startup until you try to complete the setup.

Thanks as usual Flamber for caring :slight_smile:
Metabase just downloaded from website metabase.com (I don’t know how to read the version because is not written in download page.
MySql 5.6.47
Error log …i don’t know where look at it :frowning:


Okay, yeah, we don’t give much indication of the version from the download unless you look at the URL. But that’s 0.36.6

As noted in the documentation pages, you need MySQL 5.7.7+:

The error log is shown in the Linux console, when you start Metabase with java -jar metabase.jar

OK, I update MySQL and try again. I don’t get error in startup …only when I finish the registration …and only after migration.
I am sure that is MySql version fault!
Let u know
thx as usual!