Missing checkbox category filter


It happens to me that sometimes my checkbox filter shows me all the categories i need for filtering (so it works great) but suddenly, if i reload the page, i just can filter by writting, not by choosing. I don’t really know why it works sometimes, if it’s a Metabase’s problem or if it’s due to my database.

Thank you!

I think it’s because metabase field value scan. It happens intermittently

I am experiencing the same thing. And it’s hardly intermittently. If I refresh my dashboard the checkboxes are gone. They only turn up again when I head into a specific question and after that hit the back button in my browser. On refresh they are gone again…

Version, Browser, OS etc?

Version: v0.30.4
Browser: Google Chrome

Is that the Mac application or using the jar?

No, it’s using the browser

Yep in the browser running on elastic beanstalk.

browser: Google Chrome
version: 69.0.3497.100
OS: Mac OS Mojave