Missing graphs when migrating from one host to another

My current metabase dashboard has 48 graphs, based on both raw CSV files and postgreSQL.

I set up exactly the same raw CSV storage and postgres database for the new host.

Finally, I moved 2 files metabase-data.mv.db and metabase-data.trace.db of the current metabase to the new host too.

I made sure my new metabase on the new host is reading from the above 2 files for settings and graphs. It worked, but only for most of the graphs. Settings such as users, email, database etc are all the same as the old one (of course I edited database host etc to match the new setup afterward).

The very weird thing is that I am missing 6 of the graphs, although all the necessary CSVs and database tables for those graphs are all present. I discovered that the missing graphs are based on postgres. But I already setup the new postgres to be the same as the current old one. And new metabase has no trouble reading and syncing from it.

Is there any chance that those missing graphs are stored in a different file, other than the two I mentioned?

I figured it out. Deleting the currently linked database and creating a new one will cause this issue.

Simply do not delete the currently linked database, just edit the host and other credentials to point to the newly-established one instead.

@daniel123 You should migrate away from H2 if you are using Metabase in production:
Migrating from the default H2 database to a production database
And yes, if you delete databases in Admin > Databases, then it will delete all questions related to that database.