Model columns can't filter for users with no database access


We've got two user groups in Metabase: one with access to databases and one without.

When I convert a table directly into a Model for users without database access, they can't use the filter column feature. However, I can (with db access).

Below is what it shows on my end (with capability to filter with dropdown)

I found a workaround: instead of converting a table directly into a model, I write a select all query and turn a question into a model. With this, restricted users can filter the columns. But, the column filter is via a free text field, not a dropdown list of unique values.

With sql query, both me and restricted users can only filter with free text field

Is there a method for restricted users to filter with a dropdown list?

Could you please clarify what you mean by "without access to databases"? How exactly are data, permission and application permissions set up for the "restricted" group?