Model field keeps resetting data type

Good day,

I have a field called "Country" which stores the country name. As I would like it to work in category breakouts, I set the type in the data model to Category. But Metabase (0.44.3) keeps reverting it back to a country type, making it invisible to filters. Any thoughts as to how I can make the category categorization stick?


Hi @plg6
Currently there's a bit too much auto-guessing going on, which can cause Metabase to override what you have defined in specific situations. - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Thank you, flamber.

I did the upvote as requested. Meanwhile, does Metabase go by the field name when deciding data type or does it actually consider the contents as well? If the former, would changing the field name from "Country" to "Ctry" be enough to set the type as category and keep it that way in the data model, or does it "see" the country names and would set the type to country even if I called the field "bubblegum?"

Thanks again.

@plg6 Try looking at my first comment in the issue, it's done via the name, and can even cause problems with nested SQL questions: