Models select to zoom and auto-zoom issue

Hi, I'm experiencing a problem with the zoom feature in Metabase models. When I initially create a model, the zoom function works perfectly. In these instances, I see a graph displaying the sum of orders on the Y-axis and the date on the X-axis.

However, when I close and reopen the same model later, the zoom feature doesn't perform as expected. Upon trying to zoom in after reopening, the graph only displays the date and fails to show the sum of orders like it did before.

I'm using the sample database that comes with Metabase. This is the model:

Please send troubleshooting info

I apologize, but I don't think I have access to the troubleshooting information. However, I can provide this information.

Here's how the model looks when I visualize it as a bar chart:

This is how it appears when I zoom in:

However, when I close the model, reopen it, and then zoom in, it looks like this: