Models set foreign keys with different display values

If you put a foreign key in the data model directly, you are able to change the display value to 'use foreign key' en select the column you want it to show.

This seems not possible when you try to create a model.
In model, i can also put a column as a foreign key, but i'm unable to change the display value.
Is this designed like this? If yes, is there already a feature request for this?

Hi @cobalt
It was removed because it complicated everything a lot more. You can create your own structure with Models instead of using remapping.

Problem for me is that i then have to write a very big sql query, because i need a lot of joins, and i also have to do the custom mapping myself in the SQL query for columns that only contain numbers. (1 = Registration, 2= payment etc...) those are all remapped in the data model.

For me personally, models where sounding very nice at start, but most things I want to do with it is not working/possible or broken. But offcourse can't complain too much as it's free :slight_smile:
Maybe will give it a try in a few months again :slight_smile: