Modify data

I want to change values in my data, Is it possible or not?

For instance, in my column there is two names Harjas Gulati & Harjas. I want to make Harjas Gulati as Harjas.

Hi @varnika
You either need to update your database, so the information is correct, or use Custom Field:
case([name_column]="Harjas Gulati", "Harjas", [name_column])
For reference:

Thanks flamber. It was working but there is one more problem which I have facing that,
What if we need to change multiple, for instance there are more filed in same column like sarwan kumar to sarwan and pooja gupta to puja.

I have tried this formula but it’s not working.

case([name_column]=“Harjas Gulati”, “Harjas”, “Sarvan Kumar”, “Sarvan”, [name_column])

Kindly help.

@varnika Have a look at the documentation for the case-function.
case([name_column]="Harjas Gulati", "Harjas", [name_column]="Sarvan Kumar", "Sarvan", [name_column])