Mongodb cannot see the option to remap an integer field

Hello, im trying to add custom mapping to the "id" column in my database (Mongodb connected via connection string):
As you can see its a type/integer and i have no nulls in my db so it should let me custom map it but:
It has only use original value....
ive seen this issue
which said it worked in v 0.41.1. I tried it in both latest version (0.41.6) and version 0.41.1 and both of them didnt let me the option to custom map it

Hi @jackfish823
Make sure you set it to "A list of all values" and do a browser refresh: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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Thank you for the quick replay!
it worked!

PS: is there any way to insert "js function to a mongo aggregation?" something like:

                            body: function (status) {
                                var arr = [];
                                arr[1] = "Planned";
                                arr[2] = "On Going";
                                arr[3] = "Done";

                                return arr[status]
                            args: ["$_id.status"],
                            lang: "js"

@jackfish823 No, Native query does not support functions like that.