Month of Year in chart presentation


I cannot forced Metabase to present my aggregated date field (month of Year) to present it as Month with Year. It simply change it to just Month. Because of that, when Year changed my charts with data from previous 5 months display January before December. It's quite confusing for a users.

I've tried to change presentation of date but without any success. My charts was created simply in build-in forms of summarising, where:

  • in a filter area was added date field with "Previous 5 months"
  • in a summary area / aggregation was added date field as "Month of year"

I've tried to look at generated SQL and I think that there is some problem with extract area (it looks like it extract only month loosing year value in the same time):

"source"."Sesja__filia" AS "Sesja__filia",
CAST("source"."data_wpro" AS timestamp)
) AS integer
) AS "data_wpro",
COUNT(*) AS "count"

I could change it in SQL, but I would rather like to know how to do it via Metabase interface. Can You give me some tips that would help me?

Isn't there anybody that could help me with my issue?